More men heading for sexual health tests

MORE and more men are consulting their doctors about sexual health issues in a recent survey.

The more sexual health questions have risen up to 20 per cent according to nation wide practicioners which are plauding men, who are usually shy when talking to doctors about their sexual health. Going to the doctor can ease your mind of issues that could be clogging it with scary ideas such as having HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases.

 It’s as easy as having a blood test and a urine test and getting the results back two days later. You should also consult your doctor if you have any problems with getting your partner pregnant as this could be from a sexual health issue. No matter what your age, talk to your doctor if you have erection problems, less interest in sex, or other problems that keep you or your partner from enjoying sex. Also, talk to your doctor about your risk of sexually transmitted infections and how to lower your risk.

 Problems with sexual health are medical problems, and your doctor can help. With treatment, many men and their partners are able to resume a normal, satisfying sex life

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