No shame in seeking help

MEN face more difficulties with sex than what most imagine. Most believe they are invincible in bed until one of the following problems occur.

Erectile dysfunction or impotence, performance anxiety, delayed ejaculation, premature ejaculation, low sexual desire or low libido and sexual aversion.

Sex can have such an impact on your relationship. If it going great in bed, perhaps it is reflective or the overall relationship. If there are problems in bed, maybe it may stem problems in the relationship.

So your sexual health is important and may depend on good mental and physical functioning.

Some things that can affect your sexual health include fertility problems.

One of the partners may well be infertile or close to infertile and it obviously makes it tougher to have children. This can impact the desires during sex and lifestyle out of the bed. Alternatively, pregancies can also have an impact. Many couples fear having sex during pregnancy in case it does harm to the baby. This built up sexual frustration may not be healthy for the relationship however.

Anxiety and depression can also have an affect. It may be so that you are thinking too much; of the worst. It can have a large influence on the mind while having sex and can produce impotence.

And of course, there are many illnesses, diseases and even ageing that can have an affect on the sexual relationship.

Men find it tough to talk about sexual health but maybe it’s the new AMI nasal technology that has sparked interest in the topic. The company is so renowned that it has billboards and many ads running on TV and radio.

If you are having troubles in the bedroom, it is important to seek help to these type of institutions.

Sexual Health Australia also has years of dealing with sex therapy and relationship counselling.

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