The urge to urinate

URINARY infections, indeed, produces annoying symptoms that can last for a long time unless treated properly.

Most people – who have sex – get urinary infections in their lifetime and it will begin with a painful burning feeling when you are urinating.

You will also feel the need to go to the toilet a lot more than what you are used to; but chances are very little urine will come out.

This means that you have a urinary infection which can be treated easily if you see a doctor early. Antibiotics is usually used to prevent this. But the longer you leave it to see about it, the more serious it can get.

There are many ways ot prevent urinary infections including keeping updated with good hygiene skills. You should also be drinking plenty of fluids such as water each day will help flush bacterium out of the urinary system. Emptying the bladder as soon as the urge to urinate occurs also may help decrease the risk of bladder infection or UTI.

Urinating before and after sex can flush out any bacteria that may enter the urethra during sexual intercourse. You should also have plenty of oranges as vitamin C acan make the urine acidic which reduces harmful bacteria.

Cranberry juice is thought to be one way to reduce the frequency of bladder infections. However this should not be thought of as a treatment.  But in summary, once you appear to have the symptoms for this you should consult your doctor right away.

Infections can also harm pregnant women. But this is handled in the same way. Doctors recommend that pregant women should have regular urine tests because the kidneys are prone to being infected during pregnancy.

Urine infections is when the urine becomes infected with bacteria, fungi or contains fluids, salts and waste products. It affects millions around the world yearly.

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