Sinusitis is the name for a condition in which causes you problems with your sinuses, and results in the blocking and congestion of those areas.

It comes from the term sinuses, which are the air chambers in the bones behind your cheeks, eyebrows and jaw.

The sinuses in each human make mucus, which is a fluid that cleans bacteria and other articles out of the air that your breathe in.

When someone has sinusitis it means the lining of their sinuses becomes inflamed and they have problems preventing bacteria form coming into the area.

Sinus infections generally come about when you have a cold or flu. The cold virus attacks the lining of your sinuses and causes them to swell and become narrow.

Your body responds by producing more mucus, but your swollen sinuses block it.

This build up basically allows bacteria to grow and then generally causes an infection.

Symptoms of sinusitis usually include pain or pressure in the forehead, cheeks, and nose and between the eyes, as well as frequent headaches and occasional fevers.

Nasal congestions are also common as to is a reduced sense of smell and taste.

It is also common for people to cough vigorously, especially during the night.

There are many ways to treat sinusitis and other sinus infections.

Antibiotics have been a general treatment for years, and when taken it is advised you take the entire dose of tablets, even if you are feeling much better after only a few days.

Nasal spray has bee an increasing form of treatment in recent years, and the results have been fairly effective.

Generally users have reported a decrease in symptoms almost immediately, and the length of the virus generally is reduced.

With a virus, there is no real treatment, and it is more of a case of just waiting for the illness to pass.

Antibiotics will be useless, and it is more a case of finding medication to relive symptoms.

Medication like Sudafed and pain relievers like Acetaminophen and ibuprofen have been known to be effective in these cases.

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