Smoothies make you feel healthy

FRUIT smoothies are fantastic for those who want to rejuvenate themselves after long, hard days’ work.

Banana, strawberry, watermelon, apricot, nectarine – whatever you want to use. Just throw it all into a blender and you will be surprised with the result.

We’ve got a fantastic recipe for a banana and strawberry smoothie that will satisfy your taste buds over summer.

Ingredients include two bananas, three scoops of vanilla ice cream, four scoops of plain low fat yoghurt, half a cup of low fat milk, two tablespoons of honey, one egg, and a handful of strawberries.

Throw all of this into your blender and you will come out with a fantastic banana and strawberry smoothie!

You can even add malt to make it even more tasty if you wanted.

This is your summer blast.

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