Sore Throat

With winter just around he corner, millions of Aussies are strolling to cope with what is widely known as a sore throat.

There are many causes to pain in the mouths throat area, and many infections that may upset you.

In short, a sore throat is an infection that can either be viral or bacterial. The most common version is caused by a viral infection, often brought upon by a flu, or cold of some type.

Bacterial infections can also lead to severe sore throats.

The best cure for both is the use of antibiotics. In fact, they can be so effective that you can be cured in as little as a few hours.

Now, if antibiotics are not something you would like to try, then there are a bunch of other natural therapies on offer.

The most popular remedy is cayenne pepper. The pepper can be bought at almost any supermarket, and all you need to do is add it to your dinner, or all meals every day.

The best thing about it is that it actually tastes great, so it won’t be an issue trying to digest the remedy.

Some of the better meals to have with it include soups, salads, chickens and general sandwiches.

And, if you’re feeling a bit risky, then you can even try gargling it with water.

Apart from cayenne pepper, the next best option is apple cider vinegar, which is believed to often reduce the pain in just a few doses.

The vinegar is a bit harder to digest however and will generally cause you to feel a little bit of temporary pain while drinking it.

Other good natural remedies include ginger, garlic, gargling salt water, Tabasco sauce, mouthwash and iodine.

Of all the remedies people talk about, the best way to prevent sore throats is by a healthy lifestyle and a lack of stress in tour life.

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