Stress and stress management

Too many people make the mistake of thinking they can just work through stress, in order to get through the trials of daily life and make things happen.

What these people fail to adequately realise is that stress itself is a serious health problem, and if you don’t overcome heavy stress then you will only create more troubles for yourself.

Our bodies are made of a number of systems, and when we are stressed some of those systems can falter. You wouldn’t just push on with a broken arm, so why would you push on through stress?

Obviously, there are various levels of stress and we are talking here about tackling the heavier end of the scale.

What are the physical manifestations of stress?

When we stress, we tend to unconsciously tense our muscles. This leads to aches and pains like headaches and muscle strains. Sometimes your digestive system will get involved too; you may become constipated or develop diarrhea, for example. In addition, stress regularly creates a lack of sleep and this can have a number of follow on physical effects.

How can you deal with stress?

The first thing to do is work out what relaxes you. When you become stressed, you need to have a properly determined relaxation technique at the ready. For many people, this means doing a physically relaxing exercise: yoga, pilates, meditation, swimming, jogging and tai chi are common examples.

You might find the best way is to set aside a clear mental space for yourself. Aromatherapy and music therapy can often be very helpful here too.

Try to eat basic, healthy and unprocessed foods. Don’t eat things that come in wrappers, are frozen or come from fast food stores. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and you will start to feel the benefits.


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