Stress not good for the tummy

In our modern society stress is commonplace. Whether it’s work, relationship, friends or more than likely at the moment money worries stress levels are unfortunately incredibly high. Now Australians are being warned not to ignore the link between high stress and signs of tummy troubles,  such as poor digestion or discomfort.

New research commissioned by VITA BRITS has revealed that the vast majority of Australians (86%) feel nervous butterflies in their stomach, particularly during times of high stress – such as being faced with looming deadlines (50%) or when managing financial situations (39%). Professor Terry Bolin of the Gut Foundation says, “the ‘tummy butterflies’ feeling is a tell-tale sign that our digestive health has gone belly up and this shouldn’t be ignored. The link between high stress and gut trouble is well documented and a common cause of complaint for Australians, who are renowned hard workers.”

 Alarmingly, close to a third (31%) of respondents of the survey do nothing to treat the problem but rather cope with stomach-stress symptoms in a detrimental way – snacking on junk food (42%), overeating (37%), or skipping breakfast or lunch (36%).

Professor Bolin goes on to say, “In an ideal world we could avoid stress and skip the butterflies altogether. But realistically it is important for people to pay closer attention to nutrition when they notice tummy troubles starting.”

Leading nutritionist, Karen Inge APD, says nutrition plays a pivotal role in combating poor digestion caused by stress, not to mention overall digestive balance; “Stress may be difficult to manage, but bad eating habits are not. Taming your tummy is possible by eating a healthy diet and consuming foods that not only help keep you regular but work hard for your entire digestive system. Breakfast is the best place to start, as it kick-starts the digestion process and provides energy to help us through the day. A breakfast like VITA BRITS, which is high in wholegrain, can help maintain digestive balance. The wholegrains in VITA BRITS have a natural prebiotic effect aiding good digestive balance, and they are high in fibre, which helps you stay regular”.

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