Swine Flu

Swine Flu was one of the, if not, the biggest news story in 2009.

About a year ago we were bombarded with information about an influenza that was running rampant in the American region, killing thousands of innocent civilians.

However, as soon as it rose to our attention, it faded from our attention and back into the ‘don’t really car anymore’ basket.

Now, over a year on, and with winter hitting out shores, are we in fear of another outbreak? And what should we be doing to stop a repeat of last year’s saga??

Well, the comforting thing is that the pandemic was no where near as bad as first thought, and by the latter part of last year, doctors and medical professionals were as fearful of the Swine flu as they were any other standard flu.

So, what was the controversy actually all bout?

Swine flu has actually been a health problem for almost a hundred years, coming to our first attention at the same time as the standard flu pandemic.

The flu comes from pigs and the reason it drew so much attention was because it had been forgotten about for so many years.

Last year a Mexican farmer was believed to have contracted the H1N1 virus while working with pigs.

He then traveled to America and spread the disease across the shores, ad to all continents across the globe.

The new strain of swine flu was actually four strains of standard influenzas and it had devastating effects on the world population.

By the end of last year more than 17,000 people had died from the virus and it did not take long for the World Health Organization to declare it an official pandemic.

As is the case with most flu’s, it can be transmitted through the air, or from bodily fluids.

So far this year we have been safe from the swine flu, but make sure you are prepared for it if it does return.

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