Tai Chi makes fitness fun

TAI Chi looks like kung fu and is a fun way to secretly get toned this summer.

Tai chi is all about feeling the force in your body.

The Chinese believe doing it keeps the chi flowing through your body and keeps you healthy.

Chi is what the Chinese call our life force or energy; it circulates around the body to maintain the balance of our yin and yang.

But it is trickier than it seems.

The craft is aimed at unlocking clogged muscles and the mind.

The Australian Academy of Tai Chi & Qigong is one of the largest Tai Chi classes in the country and was established in 1976 by Grandmaster Gary Khor. 

It teaches of Tai Chi from a health and relaxation perspective suitable for the average person. 

The Academy also has special programs based on traditional Chinese exercise, which are being produced for those with asthma, arthritis, osteoporosis, low mobility and other conditions; more books are in production, new networks of instructors are being established, as are web based services.

So why not try Tai Chi this summer for relaxation; you’ll feel better at the end of it.

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