Taking care of your aural health

An important area of health that is often overlooked is aural (ear) health. Most of the time we take our ears for granted, but if we don’t take proper care of them we risk hearing loss and other ailments.

The first element of aural health to look at is controlling noise. If your ears have to put up with excessive noise they can become instantly and permanently damaged.

Many people go to loud concerts to enjoy music, but they are risking damage if they are not careful. A good road test is if you have to yell to communicate with a person only an arms length away, the noise is too great.

In an overly loud scenario, you need to either make the noise go away or remove yourself from the situation.

There is a third option, but it is not as good as the first two. Wear ear buds or ear muffs. These will not completely get rid of the noise, but they will take the edge off it.

You may also need to be aware of noise problems that can be a risk at your workplace. Common sources include machinery, power tools, vehicles and air compressors.

If you have a personal music player, ensure that you do not turn it up to damaging levels. Some players come with inbuilt moderators to help you make the right decisions.

A second part of aural health is keeping your ears clean. If you don’t regularly clean them, wax, dirt and old skin will gather in your eardrums and limit your hearing.

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