The health benefits of garlic

Known for its culinary uses, there’s more to Garlic than a mere flavoring and spice to our foods. Tradition and recent studies have garnered solid proof of the medicinal uses of Garlic making it used in herbal medicine. It has demonstrated some level of effectiveness in treating the common cold and flu, lowering high levels of blood cholesterol, in acne treatment and as a natural repellant for mosquito. Other health benefits of garlic include:

· Garlic is significantly useful in the management and cure of breast, prostate, bladder, esophageal and stomach cancer. When the garlic is crushed it releases extraordinary chemicals that act to reduce the formation of cancer cells by hindering carcinogenic compounds that cause cancer. Additionally, it effects by slowing down the rapid division of the tumor cells thus stunting its growth or reducing the tumor size.

· A heart related health benefit of garlic is in the management of hypertension. The herb possesses a compound called Ajoene that has blood-thinning abilities. As a result, it helps control blood pressure levels and promotes the prevention of blood clot formation.

· Pregnant women also have a share in the health benefits of garlic. It can significantly reduce at-birth risk factors like pre-eclampsia which is highly related to hypertension. Babies who are prone for low birth weight also benefit from garlic supplementation by helping them gain weight prior to delivery.

· Garlic is equipped with good antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral capabilities. It helps the immune system in fighting against infection by stimulating the T-cells. Evidences show that it is an effective means to treat and control candida albicans, yeast infections and intestinal parasites. But, garlic should only be used in conjunction with antibiotics and not as its substitute in the treatment of infection.

· People who eat at least 2 cloves of garlic a day lower their cholesterol levels by 9%. It increases the HDL [good] levels while decreasing the LDL [bad] levels to avoid plaque formation in the walls of the arteries. Apparently, all these effects contribute to a healthier cardiovascular system.

The aforementioned health conditions are just a sneak-peek to the health benefits that garlic can fully provide for us. This herb has potential and surely through the advent of technology, the knowledge and its uses of garlic will be broadened.

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