There’s nothing clearer than water

WATER is the key to great facial skin according to leading health surveys.

Health practitioners recommend drinking at least one litre of water a day and up to at least two litres per day on hot days over 30 degrees.

Many Australian households decide to swamp their fridged with orange juice and apple juice. Or soft drinks such as Coke, Fanta or Sprite.

All of which will replenish you on a hot day.

But the sugar in these drinks aren’t good for the toxins in the skin.

For clearer skin, make sure you head on a diet of water with maybe an orange juice or two at breakfast.

For those with acne, it is apparent that the liquids being drunk during the day can have an affect on this.

Some peoples’ acnes flairs up after a big night on the alcohol. Alcohol dries the skin, leaving it feeling dull and malnurished throughout the day.

You then need to use moisturisers to fight the signs of fatigue in the skin.

Water defeats it all and best of all – it’s free from the tap.

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