Time to relax with yogalates

IF you’re working around the clock hours, kids providing headaches or your life is just out of control, it’s time to chill out and relax and stimulate yourself with yogalates.

Yogalates is a cross between yoga and pilates that stretches and strengths all the major muscle groups.

Yogalates is perfect for the mind, body and soul – improving your inner strength or core stability, protecting and strengthening the lower back, improving postural awareness, lengthening and toning muscles, toning the stomach
improving breathing and stamina, improving blood and lymph circulation and connecting the mind and body and soul together.

It’s perfect for for people that suffer from a weak lower back or weak abdominal muscles, incontinence, poor circulation or poor posture. 

But this is the perfect balance between the office and the gym and works to neutralise stress in your life.

Many athletes and sporting clubs use yogalates as part of their training regime to stretch core muscles and prevent injuries.

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