Treating ACNE

Acne is an all too common problem that can damage a person’s self-esteem and can be quite difficult to overcome.

When dealing with acne, it is important to be wary of products claiming to instantly or miraculously cure the problem.

Instead, get advice from your doctor and then stick to some good, well-proven techniques.

Here are some tips to help you get on top of your acne.

Do not touch or play with the pimples, and do not squeeze them. Leave them alone. When you rub the skin you actually rupture the membrane below the skin and pave the way for more trouble. You also raise the risk of getting scars.

Wash your face twice each day using special soap. You don’t need any special heavy-duty sponges, just your hands, water and the soap. Do not overwash, because you will stimulate more problems. Your chemist will be able to recommend an appropriate soap.

Find out if food is causing an allergic reaction in your skin. Steer clear of oily food, and stay away from milk. It may be worth chatting to a professional dietician too. Sometimes sugar can be to blame, sometimes dairy products, and sometimes nuts. Green vegetables are believed to help your skin.

Drink more water. Aim for between eight and ten glasses per day. The main reason here is that water carries waste material out of the body, and acne is certainly waste material.

Don’t wear makeup if you can avoid it. Makeup will only clog your pores and lead to more pimples. It is best to use water-based makeup if you have to.

Keep your face clean! Do not constantly touch it, leave it alone. Don’t rest your hands on your face. Shampoo regularly and keep your hair out of your face.

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