Ways to improve your posture

Driving, standing for a long time, looking at the computer, sitting on office chairs, sleeping, etc. are simple habits from our daily activities that can contribute to the development of poor posture later on in life. But the good thing is, there are easy ways to change and control the main factors that affect one’s posture.

When sitting

A great deal of your upper body weight is displaced and puts a strain to your lower back when you slouch. When the body reacts in this manner to maintain your balance, the tension created in your back and neck regions cause the pain in these areas. Projecting a good posture while sitting distributes the entire body weight evenly towards the lower parts of the body. Balance is then maintained by the abdomen and the upper and lower back.

Therefore, the first step towards improving your posture is by assuming a healthy and neutral position when sitting. A good posture entails you to keep you back straight, aligning the ears, shoulders and hips in an imaginary vertical line and avoid leaning forward. When you are typing in the computer and sitting for long hours, it is ideal that you position the keyboard in a way that your hands will be lower than your elbows and that you choose a chair that provides a back support. In this manner, the load in your muscles is minimized. In addition, relaxing you muscles can be done by frequent position changes. Stretch, stand or walk for 2 minutes every half an hour of sitting to relieve the tension on your muscles.

When standing

A bad standing posture is not only unhealthy for the back but also makes you look fat and old. Proper standing posture helps distribute the body weight evenly towards the front, back and sides of the feet when standing. A good standing posture is manifested by keeping your shoulders down and back and elevating the chest; pull the head back a little and maintain jaw in a neutral level.

When in motion

Always remember to perform proper body mechanics and good posture when walking, lifting objects, typing and all other activities that require you to move. Wear comfortable shoes and avoid high-heeled ones to maintain balance and prevent changing the body’s alignment due to a change in the body’s center of gravity. Doing these things will decrease your risks for back injuries and other related accidents.


There are Yoga classes that may help get rid of your back pains. This is done through flexibility trainings that aid you in achieving and sustaining a good posture. Consult you doctor first before you self-treat your back pains with Yoga exercises.

Back and abdomen exercises

Strengthen your upper and lower body through simple back and abdomen exercises. You can do crunches and leg raises a few minutes every third day for a start. Then gradually increase to every other day after a week or two. You can also go for regular exercises like walking, swimming or bicycling for an improved strength and stamina. It won’t only contribute to a good posture but also makes you healthier and fit.

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