What is Zumba Dance?

To move fast and have fun- these are the words that clearly define the Colombian term Zumba. But this is not just an ordinary routine. It is a blend of enjoyable upbeat Latin music and cardiovascular exercises with simple steps of aerobic dancing that truly motivates people to utilize this fitness program.

It was on the 1990’s that the celebrity trainer “Beto” Perez of South America discovered the use of upbeat Latin music during his aerobic class. He forgot to bring the traditional aerobics music to his class one day and he was challenged to improvise on the rhythms which were available at the moment: Latin salasa and Merengue music. It was then that the Zumba dance was born and became a radical concept in the realm of fitness programs. Through the years, the idea of doing a healthy dance exercise was introduced and patronized all over the world.

People believe that Zumba is a dance class. But it isn’t. It is a workout with Latin dance steps that you could also learn and enjoy. The exercise usually uses basic dance steps of Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha, Merengue and many more. This might seem dreadful to people with two left foot but it isn’t that difficult to learn and implement at all. You can even just dance into the music and sweat it all out if you find it hard to really follow the steps. But of course, you’d be missing out the real the goal of the workout which are toning your body and burning fats.

In contemporary times, the Zumba dance has been improved for some modern twist. A zest of rock and roll and belly dancing tunes were added to the Latin music to make the program more appealing and enjoyable to the people. An hour of workout is estimated to burn about 500-850 calories. People who want to lose weight will truly achieve that perfect shape when a balanced nutritional diet is adjunct to the Zumba workout.

With this routine, Zumba is an excellent way to keep your body fit and healthy and likewise a relaxation technique that will relieve you from your stress. Getting ready for the exercise, you just need to wear comfortable attire and shoes, bring towel and plenty of water and lastly a fun attitude for you to make the most out of this fitness program.


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