Whooping Cough

Pertissus, or Whooping Cough as it is more commonly known is a highly contagious disease caused by nasty bacteria.

The health problem is called Whooping Cough due to the sound of air rushing through your lungs each cough you make.

The disease is usually only really associated with new-borns and younger children, and it is a very feared problem as it has been known to claim early lives of babies who just are not developed enough to fight the problem.

Whooping Cough is known to last for up to six weeks before subsiding.

When first infected with the disease, people with suffer just mild flu like symptoms like a runny nose, and occasional sneezing.

Then after a week, the symptoms will turn into uncontrollable coughing fits, with five to ten forceful coughs at a time before a high pitched ‘whoop’ sound as the person struggles to breath afterwards.

Headaches, vomiting and headaches are some of the related health issues with Whooping Cough.

To be diagnosed with the disease, doctors can take swabs in the first few weeks to determine if you carry the unwanted bacteria.

However, if you have had symptoms for more than three weeks, only a blood test will be able to reveal if you have the problem.

While Whooping Cough is generally associated with younger children, it has been known to occur in adults and can still affect many grown bodies.

A Pertiuss Vaccine is available to prevent the disease form ever occurring, and it is recommended all children, and even parents take the shot.

If you decide not to take the vaccine and decide to sit out the 8 week period of symptoms, than there a re a few medications available to relive the pain and extremity of the coughs.

Effective antibiotics have been known to serve well, and shorten the infectious period, but they do not generally alter the outcome of the disease.

On average, Australia reports an average of 10,000 cases each year.

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