Why many people opt for alcohol during sad times

ALCOHOL is a like a get out of jail free card in monopoly.

It’s the short ticket out of a problem that you feel difficult to find a solution for.

While a few beers a week is almost the norm for an average male these days, you can tell those who aren’t happy with their lives. They are the ones who have more thanĀ a few beers a week; they drink daily and they almost breathe alcohol when they speak.

They slur their speech, they’ll be louder than normal, they’ll be distinct in the way they talk to you.

Why do they do this? Well it’s too simplistic to say they are not happy with their lives. They aren’t. But it is such a broad topic.

Those who opt for alcohol and become alcoholics tend to have gone through a problem or a series of problems and are suffering from depression.

They’re risking and throwing away their lives if that is the case. Alcoholics must first recognise they have a problem and get some help through an alcoholics anonymous program or from Lifeline.

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