Why Shopping at your Local Market is good for your Health

When we think of a local market, we usually correlate it with fresh produce like fruits and vegetables.

Although shoppers can also find other commodities like pastry, cheese, meats and breads, local market stores predominantly sell a diverse selection of fruits and vegetables.

How does shopping for food in the local market becomes more health beneficial compared to buying products from the grocery stores? While grocery store products are usually grown and manufactured chemically, the locally grown foods by the small farmers were produced organically which means that they are healthier since they are chemical-free. Although not all food products in the local market are grown through pure organic means, you’re rest assured that they were grown with the minimal use and exposure to fertilizers, pesticides and hormones. Try walking around the aisles in the local markets and you can observe a huge difference between the look, smell and taste of fruits and vegetables compared to what you will find in grocery stores. Besides, fruits and vegetables are guaranteed fresh and fully seasoned. They are harvested and disposed within 24 hours while in contrast to grocery store foods that are harvested earlier before they are mature enough to eat. They are then gassed to hasten its ripening time, packaged and refrigerated to increase its shelf life. With all these commercial procedures that the foods undergo before they are sold to the grocery stores, you’re sure you’ll not get the best of its nutritional value or worst, a further decline in its nutritional value.

In addition to the health contribution it gives to an individual, buying food at the local market also avoids air pollution and promotes money savings by minimizing use of transportation because the food is kept close to the place where it is produced. Not only do the consumers, merchants and producers all benefit with it but it is also a way of showing gratitude and respect to the environment’s gift of natural and bountiful resources.

Here are our top produce markets by State Capital:

–          ACT – Capital Region Market, Canberra

–          Adelaide- Adelaide Showground Farmers Market, Adelaide

–          Darwin – Parap Markets, Darwin

–          Hobart – Glenorchy Sunday Market, Hobart

–          Melbourne – Richmond Market, Richmond

–          Perth – Subiaco Farmers Market, Perth

–          Sydney – Pyrmont Growers Market, Sydney

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