Fighting the Cold

Fighting the cold is one of the hardest things for many people around the world, and it is something we often take for granted when we are sitting in the warmth of our heated living room couches.

Not every house has heating, and not every person has a house, and because of this, learning to fight the cold are important things to know for all of us.

Knowing how to keep your body warm in tough situations will also prepare you for times of emergency, when you are lost in foreign cold land, or even just waiting for a taxi that never shows.

Here is a list of five tips to help you beat the cold this winter:

Generate heat: This can be achieved in many ways. For some of us we have the luxury of having heaters and energy suppliers, so this is a lot easier for others, we may have to rely on open fireplaces. If you are even worse off, then keeping your windows shut at night, and keeping curtains closed all help.

Layer your clothing: The logic is simple, the more layers of clothes you wear, and the more body heat will be trapped inside you. You should start with thermal, or warm underwear, and then wear plenty of cottons, thick socks and a beanie. Heat escapes from the ends of your body and covering these will only help keep the heat inside, therefore gloves, and earmuffs also help.

Drink warm fluids: Drinking warm water, or drinks like tea and coffee will warm up you body an get the blood flowing inside you. Soups are also a great choice to have for food.

Keep active: Sitting down and feeling cold will not help, you need to be moving and not let your muscles or your bones freeze.

Keep each other warm: Your body heat does wonders to others, so keeping close and hugging all help!

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