With winter just kicking off its three months of cold weather, people in the southern hemisphere part of the world are preparing themselves for at least a few bouts of the common cold, the flu, or other health problems that are associated with this time of the year.

With bacteria running rampant during theses times, antibiotics are essential in restoring health in all of us.

The term Antibiotic is derived from the Greek word anit, or ‘against’.  In short what the medication does is fight against bad bacteria in the human body and are commonly used to treat infections.

Most people would be aware that the first natural antibiotic was in fact Penicillin, first discovered in 1928. Prior to this people would treat infections on tribal folklore or other natural remedies.

Penicillin was first discovered as a way of wiping out all bacteria in the body, be it good or bad, and allowing it to operate free of any infection.

Then, as the body rebuilds itself, it will not have any negative associations.

There is a whole range of antibiotics to choose form, ranging from stronger doses, to weaker ones, to certain types targeted at only certain bacteria.

For example, it is known that if you have a problem with a mouth infection, then you are able to get antibiotics that target the negative proteins in that area.

Physically, antibiotics come in different shapes and forms, but the most common is the tablet type shape, no bigger than a fingernail.

In the last few years we have seen an emergence of new types of antibiotics.

This has come as many flu’s and ‘superbugs’ have actually become immune to the previous versions due to improper use.

When you take antibiotics it is essential to finish the dosage, and continue to take the medication even days after the infection has passed.

If you do not there is a chance the infection can in fact become immune to it, and come back even worse.

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