For all those fitness freaks keen on getting their bodies looking tip-top and as muscly and lean as can be, bets are they would have almost definitely heard of the supplement creatine.

Creatine is a substance that is naturally formed in our body, but also one we can take orally.

It is an amino acid that stores energy from already existing amino acids and foods in the body.

Creatine can largely be found in foods like fish and red meat.

The supplement can be found in many other foods as well, but the level is generally too minimal to have a great and large effect on your body.

That is why it is often taken orally, and purchased from health stores, or other supplement suppliers.

In technical and medical terms, the substance works by storing extra energy in the muscular tissues in the body which then provides energy for muscle contractions and in turn muscle development.

During a standard workout, your muscles will be contracting many times, and after a while they will begin to fatigue and find it hard to push on.

With creatine, it enables your muscles to have more energy during a workout thanks to the extra energy it is having pumped in.

In short, the more creatine available to the body, the faster it can produce ATP molecules, and the faster it can recover and continue developing.

This is why creatine is so important for short bursts of exercise like sprinting, bodybuilding and other athletic activities and sports that require explosive moments.

In addition to adding more muscle endurance, eliminating fatigue and increasing energy, creatine also helps synthesize protein, which further promotes muscle growth ad development.

In summary, creatine is one of the best supplements an athlete can take, and for the development of a perfect body, it will be essential.


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