Quitting Alcohol

Summer is just around the corner for those in the southern hemisphere, and with the hot temperatures expected to roll out, it’s a great time to get your body in fine and fit shape.

Exercise and diet, as expected are crucial in ensuring you are doing your bit to stay in shape, but it is all too common for people to throw all that hard work away on the weekend, when they drink alcohol and binge drink.

Now, i am not writing this post to encourage you to quit drinking alcohol. I am merely presenting the facts of the health benefits you will gain from spending some time drink free.

Now, what people should know, is that quitting alcohol for even one month will do wonders for your body, and be extremely beneficial for your health.

When you drink everyday, or every couple of days, your body never gets a chance to recover form the effects you are putting on it.

However, if you give it a full month to get over the stress, and when all that pressure is finally taken off your liver, then your health will boost dramatically, and will notice the changes.

Here are some of the things you will notice change:

Quitting decreases the damages to your health, so it lowers your risk of developing diseases such as cirrhosis, pancreas damage, heart problems, cancers, sexual dysfunction and other conditions.

Your hip pocket will be better as a result, and you will save some money, and your appetite will also return, as will your muscle tone and health.

You also will lose weight and won’t put on as much as alcohol contains so much fat.

In summary, there is a lot more to gain in quitting drinking alcohol, even if it is only for a few weeks.


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