Nitric Oxide

While technically Nitric Oxide (NO) isn’t really a natural supplement, it can definitely be taken in supplement form.

The gas is produced within the body and plays a crucial role in many essential functions, particularly cell communication.

Nitric Oxide has been a godsend to athletes and bodybuilders all over the world, as it enables users to workout harder, faster and stornger during any given session.

Specifically, it’s main role is in regards to blood flow and blood pressure regulation, namely the increase of blood flow.

What it does is provide more oxygen, hormones and nutrients to the body’s muscles whilst training, therefore resulting in better muscle growth and better strength gains.

The gas also plays a role in the release of adrenaline, which allows users to have more powerful training sessions, and workout for longer.

In addition, nitric oxide will reduce inflammation of the muscles and post-workout stress, allowing recovery to be a lot faster and smoother, and eliminating past wokrout pain.

Basiclaly, it allows you to work out more frequently as your muscles heal a lot faster.

A person using Nitric Oxide as a sports supplement can expect increased muscle size, strength and endurance as well as a much faster recovery and enhanced fat oxidation.

As well as being great for workouts, the gas is also pretty good for normal health. It has the ability to relax the muscles of the blood vessels and coronary arteries meaning healthy blood pressure and flow are maintained and blood clots are prevented.

Some studies even go as far as to say that Nitric Oxide can reduce the chances of heart disease and stroke.

Other health benefits include the reduction of plaque from arterial walls, the ability to fight cholesterol, and reduced pressure on your kidneys.

There is however, one bad side to using the gas.

The majority of Nitric Oxide supplements include the Amino Acid Arginine as an ingredient and an overdose can lead to nausea and fatigue.

Therefore it’s best to start out with smaller doses before trying to take it heavily!

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