Top 5 Health Books

Due to a lot of health complications, problems and stress related issues people are very cautious of what they eat and exercise too. Many people read books in order to get a deeper insight in the world of health. There are some books which are highly recommended for good health and greater self.

  1. Yoga- A path to Holistic health: This book is written by B.K.S Iyengar, a yoga guru from India. His method of yoga became famous as the Iyengar Yoga. His previous books are also well known for his different ways of yoga and views on health. He is one of the leading yoga teachers in the world and getting direct views from him is very helpful for a yoga beginner or an established yoga follower. He has talked about poses which are helpful for some health ailments and also given other asanas which are helpful for proper respiration and also reduce stress.
  2. The Pilates Body: This book is written by Brooke Siler. It provides a guide to the reader to tone muscles and strengthen the body without the use of any weights and introduces the reader to Pilates, a form of exercise. The author discusses the basic poses and alignments in Pilates. Besides the basic stuff, she has also given modifications for   people who have some joint, neck and back pains and people who have grown old. The author, who learnt  from the oldest living instructor of Pilates, has given a very brief and proper understanding of Pilates in the book.
  3. SuperFoods HealthStyle- Proven strategies for Lifelong Health: The authors of the book, Steven Pratt and Kathy Matthews have given a program for a year which is based on healthy food, exercise and other good and healthy habits. There are many healthy recipes which one can use to prepare delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner and also desserts. Along with the recipes, the authors have also given quantities of the food to be eaten daily.
  4. Understanding Nutrition: The author of the book is Eleanor Ross Whitney. She talks about the latest developing trends in the field of nutrition and food. The book is very helpful for students learning nutrition and also for people who love to get into the depths of their own nutrition and food they eat. The language used by the author is simple such that commoners can also understand the concepts.
  5. You- The owner’s manual: The authors of the book are Michael Roizen and Mehmet Oz, both doctors. This book written in a humorous way talking about the various body parts and organs which many do not even know about. Their basic aim of writing the book is to make the reader understand their own body and how to make sure nothing goes wrong with it.


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