What is the Dukan Diet?

The Dukan Diet was developed 10 years ago by the French Nutritionist DR. Pierre Dukan. The diet is based on eliminating foods rich in carbohydrates and eating as many protein foods as possible. The Dukan Diet was not only designed to successfully lose weight but also to effectively maintain your ideal physique.

The body compensates from the elimination of carbohydrates in the diet by utilizing fats as the primary source of energy. This compensation mechanism occurs during the first few days of using the diet. In this process, the end result is the production of ketones which can cause dry mouth, fruity breath, weakness, fatigue, insomnia, dizziness and nausea. Constipation can also occur if all carbohydrate sources are removed in the diet. The short-term side effects of the Dukan diet may seem harmless.

Remedies are readily available to manage the side-effects. But on the long run, nutritional deficiencies can happen with the use of this diet. Later in life, it might cause serious health problems. Deficiencies in the intake of whole grains and fruits and vegetables may lead to a lack of antioxidants. Problems of heart diseases, cancer, cataract formation and premature aging may occur later on. Although the deficiencies can be managed with multivitamin intake, still the nutrients we get from food are of better quality and quantity than what we receive from these pills.

The Dukan diet may appear the ideal diet of all. But if one takes a closer look at it, you will see its flaws. Ultimately, the diet can be considered as unbalanced. Therefore, it’s not the best diet plan for every person to follow. Always consult your physician and nutritionist for an individualized diet program to prevent any major health threats in the future.

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