Cheese heaven

CHEESE is a delicious tasty snack that can be used in different types of manners including sandwiches and platters or simply as an appetizer.

The health experts say that cheese must be eaten in moderation to avoid putting on weight because the product does include some fat elements.

But there are light cheeses that are available including cottage cheese which is used in a lot diets. You can also make things such as cottage pies out of this.

There are also the typical natural cheeses like cheddar which are about 30% to 40% cheese from skim or partly skim milk have fat contents between 7% to 15%.

It is understood that the harder the cheese the more fat it has. The best way to avoid this is to can cut back on your fat intake by choosing brands labeled “low fat” or “fat free.” For soft cheeses, look for cheeses made from skim or part-skim milk. Natural cheese may have a higher fat content than processed ones, but even so, you’re better off with natural cheeses, which contain more nutrients and fewer additives than processed cheeses.

Cheeses can be used in sandwiches and you can buy a whole range to go in your average salad sandwich.

Jahlsberg cheese has become a favourite in Australia. It is tasty, a little more expensive, but worth every cent and even comes with a light version so you don’t feel too guilty by eating it.

Cheeses can also be put in platters for guests which is a deluxe appetizer.

These cheeses may include tasty cheese cubes which are brilliant to have in a platter with other meat snacks.

The main types of cheeses include fresh unripened cheese,stretched curd cheese, white mould cheese, blue cheese, washed rind cheese, cheddar and cheddar style cheese, eye cheese and hard cheese.

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