Choosing the right drinks

When it comes to complementing your eating plan with the right drinks, making correct choices can mean lead to serious benefits.

Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation and a little confusion about what you should and should not be imbibing, so here is a quick rundown on the appropriateness of the major drink types.


This is almost always your best option. The human body is largely made up of water and a constant supply of clean H2O is absolutely necessary for people of all ages and from all walks of life. There are no dental problems associated with drinking water and it has no kilojoules. The vast majority of your drinks should be water. Aim for eight glasses per day.


A great source of calcium, milk is a bit of a mixed bag. Normal milk is actually quite high in fat, so you should avoid drinking regular milk if you are trying to maintain your body or lose weight. In fact, it is almost always better to switch to reduced fat milk. Soy milk is a fantastic alternative, because it is full of protein as well. About one glass per day of milk or soy milk is adequate.

Fruit juice

This is probably the most misunderstood drink. Many assume that because it comes from fruit, it must be good for you. In fact, most fruit juices are packed with sugar. You certainly get good vitamins from fruit juice (particularly Vitamin C), but you don’t want to consume more than one glass per day. A piece of fruit an a glass of water is almost always a better option.

Soft drinks, sports drinks and cordial

Don’t drink soft drink at all, and only drink sports drinks or cordial during sporting events. Soft drinks offer zero benefit, and only add to the possibility of gaining weight. Sports drinks and cordial have some hydration benefits, but are also full of sugar.

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