Food and kitchen hygiene

We all know that proper hygiene is critical to maintaining great health.

Unfortunately, some households still overlook the importance of preparing food safely, and this is something worth rectifying.

Here are a few tips for minimising the chance of trouble coming from your kitchen.

First of all, don’t allow raw meat to contact any other ingredients, including cooked meat. Prepare raw meat on separate plates and chopping boards, and wash your hands before and after handling it.

Use different utensils for transferring raw meat and cooked meat from plates to barbeques etc.

If you are cooking on a barbeque, ensure all meat is thoroughly cooked through and not just burnt or darkened on the outside.

If you have defrosted meat, do not put it back into the freezer. Only refreeze it if you have cooked it first.

Never use eggs after their use by date. If an egg does not have a use by date on it, do not eat it.

If you are going on a picnic, take food out of the fridge at the last minute. Do not just leave it sitting in the basket overnight!

Be very careful with rice. There are some toxins with rice that are not destroyed when cooking or reheating. It is best to use rice immediately or throw it away.

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