Fruit Salad

FEEL invigorated over winter with a fruit salad. They’re healthy, tasty and above all, easy to make.

Fruit salads consist of different types of fruits all mixed into one. You can have oranges, bananas, strawberries, kiwi fruit, cantelope, cherries and watermelon all sliced into once in what is a refreshing dessert to have after any meal.

Fruit salads are also ideal for a picnic or even to take to school or work.

They can be put in a small container and can really make you feel revitalized during dull times over winter.

You could also make a fruit salad smoothie as a beverage by simply using a blender.

Fruit salad smoothies will contain many nutrients and help pick up your mood and your movements over the course of the day.

Possibilities for fruit salads are endless. This can be done within 10 minutes – easy.

(1) Wash and cut the strawberries (2) Mix strawberries into the bowl. (3) Remove the hairy skin off the kiwi, and (4) and slice them. (5) Add the kiwi into the bowl. (6) Dice the nectarines, (7) and mix into to the bowl. (8) Cut the apples eve, (9) and mix into the bowl.

There are different variations to this and just add more and more fruit to make you feel much brighter at work and play.

For desserts after a meal at home, you can also add cream or ice-cream if needed for a bit of extra taste and those sweet lovers. But make sure the cream and ice-cream is light and limit it to one or two scoops at the max.

You may also want to try a light custard to put over the top of the fruit salad or a pudding to have alongside it. All of these options will make you feel like a really lucky person – as you taste a delicious fruit with each bite.

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