It might have a horrible after smell, and it may have been causing guys to be rejected by females for centuries, but garlic is one of the most important foods for us as we soldier on through winter.

The health benefits provided by the natural food have been long known, and it has been considered a ‘herbal wonder drug’ with a folklore reputation for preventing a whole range of illnesses and diseases.

Everything from the common cold to the plague, garlic has been known to be a great preventative of and would be close to the most effective natural medicine going around.

As well as the benefit in preventing flu’s and cold symptoms, garlic has also been known for the assistance in treating acne and in managing high cholesterol levels.

There are many ways to take garlic. The most common way is as a supplement and in the form of a pill.

The best advantage of this is that it eliminates the problem of garlic breath and odour.

Other people prefer to take it in its natural form, and swallow up to several cloves a day. But the problem with this is that the odour will be so strong it may seep through you skin, causing you to emit garlic like smells throughout the days after.

Modern science has also shown that garlic is a powerful natural antibiotic and that the human body will to form a resistance to it, so it can be used time after time as we grow older.

There are, however, a few side effects with the continuous consumption of garlic. It’s believed irritation or even damage to the digestive tract can come fro overuse, so too occasional allergies.

Garlic is definitely a great natural medicine that should be taken daily for good health.

But it is essential people to not think it is a substitute for the basics. People, just remember to eat sensibly, drink only in moderations and rest and exercise regularly.

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