Healthy Eating on a Budget

Food has always taken a big portion from our weekly budget but sadly most of us are unaware of the value that we get out of the money we spend on food. It’s very easy to spend money on low cost food items that have low nutritional value and in thoses cases we can easily say that we have wasted our money even though the individual items were not that expensive.

Eating the right and healthy types of food can be seen as an investment to achieve a healthy body; as the popular saying goes: Health is Wealth. But it doesn’t necessarily have to cost that much to get the best nutrition from the healthy foods that we should eat. Here are some ways on how you can come up with healthy meals for a budget price:

  1. Plant fruits, vegetables and herbs in your home garden. Aside from saving you several dollars off your grocery bill, growing them in your garden ensures that you always have a fresh and natural harvest of vegetables, fruits and herbs. A community garden is a great idea if you have no room for a garden at home. Work with your neighbors and plant a wide variety of vegetables, fruits and herbs that are available for everybody at a cheap price.
  2. Create a meal plan. It not only helps you maximise your budget for grocery expenses but it also helps eliminate food wastage by anticipating food leftovers that you can use for your next recipe/ meal that would complete a well-balanced diet.
  3. Avoid take-away meals! Home cooking is better and cheaper than buying food from restaurants and take-away shops. Although there will be a difference in the taste, you are sure that your home cooked meals use only quality ingredients for your meals without any artificial flavoring or chemicals added to its taste. On top of this it costs way less!
  4. Avoid processed foods and ready-made meals. These foods offer you the convenience of no cooking but they may not actually provide you with a healthy meal as they may contain preservatives and other flavorings which could be harmful to your health. For a manufacturer, providing these types of meals is a business and it’s possible that you may not be getting the best quality food for your money.

Good nutrition and a budget can always go together without compromising your health. Start eating healthy and save money now to get the most out of your life.



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