Healthy snack options

It can be really hard to get through the day without eating a few snacks, and sometimes we have to wait a long time between meals.

In fact, some dieticians recommend that snacking is a great idea because it helps to speed up our metabolism and keep us in shape.

The main aim when working out which snacks to eat is to look for healthy options that slowly release energy into the body.

Although sugary, salty snacks like chocolate and chips taste good and may give you instant satisfaction, they will not actually properly get rid of your hunger and they do not provide you with any nutrients.

Try to eat your snack right in the middle of the break period between meals. If you eat breakfast at 8am, and lunch at 1pm, have a snack at 11am.

One of the best snack options is a piece of fruit. Have a banana, an apple or an orange and you will feel better for it.

Fruits provide the fibre, vitamins and nutrients our bodies need to function correctly. Eating two pieces a day as snacks is a terrific idea.

Another good option is to eat grain biscuits or rice cakes. These give you slow release carbohydrate and can be topped with tasty spreads or with tomato, lettuce, avocado and other healthy options.

Yoghurt is a good option, but make sure it is the reduced-fat variety.

Unsalted nuts and dried fruit (provided it is not laden with sugar and preservatives) can also be enjoyed sometimes.

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