Keep Your Immune System healthy

When it comes to health and preventing illnesses, the good old proverb comes to our mind, ‘Prevention is better than cure’. To prevent our body from infections and illnesses, we need to keep our immune system fit and strong. We are often exposed to a lot of germs, dust and a lot of infections in our surroundings. We need to have strong resistance to these sources and to ensure that happens, we should have an immune system that is geared to take on any challenge.




Falling ill often is a clear indication of a weak immune system.  Working out in the gym or playing a sport does not only increase your stamina, it also increases resistance to harmful germs and bacteria in the environment, thus improving the immune system.

Everyday stress and tension weakens the immune system leading to chronic illnesses like daily cold and headache, acidity and other stomach infections. Daily exercise helps strengthen the immune system and also helps put a stop to the stress and the tension.

Most forms of exercise like running or jogging help improve blood circulation and also help eliminate waste and toxics from the body. This indirectly also helps fortifies the  immune system.

Along with removal of waste products, the body temperature also increases while exercising. This helps killing the germs that multiply in an otherwise cozy environment.


Working out and sweating it out, in any form does have other effects than just losing weight. It always helps to have an active and fast paced lifestyle.


Diet and Nutrients


Exercising in only one part of building a tough immune system; diet, ofcourse, is the other. Adding the correct nutrients to the daily intake of food is the basic reason of charting a diet. One has to make sure that the following nutrients are present in the daily diet:

  • Vitamin C and Vitamin E are anti-toxicants and inclusion of these two Vitamins in the diet is vital. Vitamin C is available in most of the vegetables like cabbage and fruits like lemon, orange, tomatoes. Vitamin C also decreases the danger of heart attacks since it enhances the levels of good cholesterol in the body.
  • Vitamin E on the other hand helps construct the B-cells or antibodies in the body which are essential to build a strong immune system. Most of the elderly people are given vitamin E supplements to give a boost to their fragile immune system.
  • Zinc is found in foods like oysters, crabs and vegetables like beans. Zinc helps increasing the strength of the White Blood Cells (WBC) which combats germs. Inclusion of Garlic and Omega3 pills in the diet helps multiply WBCs too.


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