Keeping variety in the kitchen

No chef wants to become the boring old cook who churns out the same tired dish night after night.

But if you don’t put a little bit of time and effort into planning your weekly meals, that’s what could end up happening in your kitchen!

Maintaining good meal variety is not only important for the taste buds, it is important for our health.

Here are a few tips to help you get your kitchen ticking over and producing different meals each night.

First of all, shop for variety. Keep your cupboards well stocked with staple foods like rice, pasta, canned tomatoes, tuna and chick peas, but also ensure you have plenty of different vegetable and meat options in your fridge each week.

If you can sit down once per week and plan out the meals in advance, you will be able to see what is missing and what hasn’t been eaten for a while.

Try something like this: chicken one night, red meat the next, vegetables the next, fish the next.

That’s four nights of variety already, based only on the main ingredient. Then the next time it comes to cooking chicken again, you can do it in an entirely different fashion.

The other way to maintain variety is to use different cooking methods. If you use the fry pan one night, use the oven the next. Then consider the barbeque, the slow cooker, the griller and the stovetop.

It just takes a little ingenuity and effort to mix up the meals you make.

Also remember that the side dishes can make a big difference. Don’t just cook three vegetables each night, try to make different salads and combinations.

Over time you will become a much better cook!

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