Coconuts are one of those foods that don’t get eaten as often as they should be.

The nut is often mistaken as being a vegetable, and a fruit, and I can see why.

It is high in nutrients, has great health benefits, looks like it belongs in the fruit and vegetable section, and it’s even sold in the supermarkets next to apples and carrots!

The tropical food is rich in protein, and comes with a plethora of essential fats, great for a balanced diet.

There is a theory that coconuts do not get eaten as often as they should be purely due to the fact that is such a hard process to actually eat it.

When you buy a coconut in it’s pure form, the edible parts are trapped inside a tough shell that often has to be broken using a hammer.

Then, there is a battle to pull away the parts you desire, which is usually covered in milk and dirt form the shell.

Once you actually get to eat the nut, it is definitely worth the effort,.

Health wise, there are many benefits that come with the food, and not just the white edible area either.

Firstly, there is the coconut milk, which has been used for centuries as a great natural medicine and an internal cleanser. It’s also very good for kidney and urinary bladder problems.

In addition, coconuts are great for muscle development, as it has essential amounts of fats and proteins.

It is also been known for its ability to cure body ulcers, intestinal problems and digestive irritations.

For those interested, the typical nutritional breakdown for a coconut is about 65% fats, 20% carbohydrates and about 15% essential proteins.

All in all, coconuts are one of mother natures finest products and recommended in any diet.


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