Eating during pregnancy

It goes without saying that when you are pregnant you want to do everything possible to maximise the health of you and your baby.

One of the most fundamental elements of this approach is ensuring your diet is appropriate.

Although your health may be boosted from vitamins and other dietary supplements issued by your doctor, it is really important to make sure your daily eating plan includes a range of healthy food options.

The first thing to do is steer clear of any foods with high levels of saturated fats and sugar.

You need to be eating several serves of fruit and vegetables each day. In order to make sure you don’t get bored of these foods, mix up the ways in which they are cooked and served. For example, you can enjoy some serves of vegetables raw (especially foods like carrot) and others in stir-fry sauces etc.

At this important time of your life it is probably worth investing in advice from a proper nutritionist, because they will help you with specific tips about how to get the correct nutrients into your system.

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