Eating healthy on a budget

We all know that buying health foods can quickly put you out of pocket, but believe it or not it is still possible to eat healthy on a budget.

If you don’t want to splash out on expensive organic foods but you don’t want to eat cheap take away the whole time, you will be pleased to learn there are other good options for staying healthy, cheaply.

Here are some good tips to get you started.

Firstly, eliminate junk food from your diet. Not only is this food unnecessary and detrimental to your health, it adds unnecessary costs onto your grocery bill.

Secondly, drink water instead of soft drinks whenever possible. This is killing two birds with one stone; you take unwanted sugar and carbohydrate from your diet and you save money.

Thirdly, make sure there is always fruit available at your home. Buy fruit in bulk, and use it to snack on. Buy fruit that is in season, because it is always cheaper.

Stock up on staple canned foods, such as refried beans, kidney beans and chickpeas. Not only are these foods great to base a number of meals around, they are much cheaper than meat and provide several of the health benefits derived from meat.

Finally, try to get a good variety of quality, leafy green vegetables in your diet. These are generally cheap and are packed with great nutrients.

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