Eating the right types of bread

We all know that bread is the cornerstone of the daily diets of so many people across the world.

But what many people don’t know is that bread is not all the same; some bread is great for you, while other loaves are pure junk.

If you walk down a standard supermarket bread aisle, you will be confronted by a range of shiny packets with starchy, heavily preserved white loaves inside.

These loaves might look great and are soft to the touch, but they are not very good for you at all.

They offer almost no food value, and can actually clog up your digestive system because of their lack of fibre.

Instead, you should look at wholemeal or wholegrain breads, the latter being a particularly good option.

These are low GI foods that release energy slowly, and have plenty of fibre to help you correctly digest.

In addition, they are absent of the chemicals and preservatives of standard white loaves.

It is a good option to buy bread from a bakery, rather than from a supermarket, at every possible opportunity. This is your ticket to making sure you get fresh bread.

Some people love to experiment with buying different bread types, and great bakeries are often very inventive with what they put out. Look out for options including pumpkin, cumin, rye, olive and even chilli breads.

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