Healthy Food Pyramid

The Healthy Food Pyramid will assist you in establishing a balanced and healthy diet.

The pyramid is designed to ensure that you get the nutrients you need, control your weight, limit your intake of fat, sugar or alcohol and get a good balance in your diet between each of the major food groups.

The Healthy Food Pyramid has six levels that are split between the six major food groups; grains, vegetables, fruits, dairy, meat and oils/fats.

Each of these food groups provides some of the nutrients required as part of a healthy diet. The idea of the healthy food pyramid is to represent visually the ideal proportions of your diet that each of these food types should make up.

Healthy foods such as vegetables and fruit should make up a significant proportion of your diet where as sugar, cream and fried foods should be minimised – but not avoided all together. Unhealthy foods do have a place in your diet – but they should be balanced with a lot of healthier food.

Healthy Food Pyramid

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