WHEN the weather is icy cold, the first thing you want at home is something that will warm your stomach up. A healthy way to do this is through the traditional Milo which is a brilliant and healthy alternative to coffee.

Nestle Milo have released a B-Smart version which contains nutrients that help mental development, focus and concentration. It is great for the kids to help them concentrate at school.

Milo B-Smart contains iron and iodine for mental development; protomalt extract of malted barley and cereals which helps focus, concentration and physical activities; Activ B Micro Nutrients for release of energy from the food we eat and 25 per cent reduced sugar and fat which helps give the Heart Foundation the tick of approval for meeting strict standards for energy, saturated fat and calcium.

And there are different ways to do make your milo. It’s great hot and cold. You simply put three teaspoons of Milo B Smart into a glass; add cold or hot (not boiling) skim milk and stir briskly.

You can also have it with boiling hot water as an alternative to get warm over winter.

Either way, it’s definitely a real calming drink that helps you relax after a hard days’ work. Some people drink milo before they go to bed because it relaxes the body. Some like to have it during the day to relax when they are feeling nervous or finding it tough to get through the day.

Milo generally calms the nerves and helps you relax when things aren’t going right for you.

The general Milo is also a great drink and still contains great nutrients – even though the B-Smart version contains more.

It’s a great drink to give to kids after school because it helps them relax after a big day at school.

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