Research has shown that we are all trying to reduce our intake of processed foods opting for more natural products that are better for our health. Not only will you take more note of what you’re consuming but you you’ll also know what’s in your food, they’ll be no hidden nasties such as excess salt or trans fats. If you want to go down this route but are unsure where to start then one of the easiest and healthiest options to start your day with are oats.

Over 19,000 tonnes of oats were sold in Australia in 2008, making it the fastest growing category within breakfast. Oats are a fantastic choice as they offer a multitude of benefits to our bodies overall health and wellbeing. In a recent article in the European Journal of Nutrition it confirms the uniqueness of oats in terms of their nutritional and health benefits.

Health benefits of oats:
• Rich in beta-glucan, which helps lower cholesterol reabsorption
• Provides sustained energy; helping you feel fuller for longer and so you’ll be less likely to snack
• Soluble fibres in oats have been shown to be effective in lowering blood pressure
• Reduces risk of heart disease; certain antioxidants (such as the phenolic-rich compounds found only in oats) have been shown to have the potential to help slow down the progression of the hardening of the arterial walls in the heart. Thus suggesting that a diet rich in oats maybe beneficial in reducing the risk of coronary heart disease
• Reduce type 2 diabetes; the fibre in oats may slow the absorption of carbohydrates to help you moderate the rise in blood sugar levels after eating

With one in two Australians suffering from high cholesterol choosing foods that help to maintain heart health is now more important than ever. By eating as little as 60g of rolled oats each day, everyone can start to make a positive change to their heart wellbeing.

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