Pasta: health facts

The important thing to recognise about pasta is that there are certain times when it is appropriate to eat and certain times when it is not.

Pasta is one of the best sources of carbohydrate and energy that you can get. It is cheap to buy and easy to cook, making it a favourite food in many households.

As with any energy, however, it will turn into excess bodyweight if you do not burn it off. That means you don’t want to be regularly consuming pasta if you are not doing a large amount of exercise.

The best times to consume pasta are before and after exercise. These are the times our bodies can make use of the energy, and the carbohydrate will help our muscles repair from the exercise.

The worst times to eat pasta are, unfortunately, the times when we most eat it. Pasta is traditionally a dinner dish, and between consuming it and going to bed we normally get very little exercise.

This is the time of day when our bodies have slowed down and are approaching rest, and the energy will not be used.

So although pasta makes a delicious basic ingredient for many fantastic recipes, remember that it is only healthy in some diets.

Even then, it needs to be consumed in moderation because of its high energy content.

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