Reasons For Eating Healthy

Why should I eat healthy?

Eating healthy is a way of balancing your food intake to maintain your body’s strength, energy and nourishment.

We eat to supply our bodies with nutrients such as carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins and minerals. These nutrients provide us with fuel for energy as well as enable us to build new cells, strengthen and repair our bones, muscles and organ tissues and protect our bodies from disease.

By eating healthy we can supply our bodies with the right type of fuel to provide it with the energy to function properly. However, when we eat unhealthy foods we can weaken the cells and tissues of our body and hormonal imbalances are created.

Be reminded that essentially you are what you eat, and your eating habits dictate the state of your overall health. If you only ingest foods with no nutritional value you will be doing nothing to help your cells and tissues grow and function. Substance and chemical- laden processed foods are one example of what is not considered eating healthy.

If you value your health, you should learn to be more conscious of your eating habits and make an active effort to learn about what constitutes eating healthy.


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