They are sour, they make your face go inside out, but they are certainly good for you.

Lemons are one of the world’s best nutritional fruits on offer, regardless of what people think about the sour citrus food.

Lemons are as common as red traffic lights – they are everywhere!!

We use them to make lemonade, mix them into our drinks to add a little extra punch, they remove hard stains in clothes, are an all-around deodorizer and air freshener and we even use them in our cooking as both an ingredient and garnish.

Did I also mention that we use lemons as a medical ingredient too??

The yellow gem has plenty of healing powers and can be used in many different ways.

It’s very effective in curing many digestive problems when mixed with hot water, and helps with nausea, heartburn, and disorders of the lower intestines like constipation and worm infestations.

As well as boosting your immune system, it also serves as a tonic for the liver and even cures the hiccups!!!

Due to its super high content of vitamin C, it is also great at preventing the common cold and most other flu’s. It also relieves symptoms of asthma, sore throats and tonsillitis.

The acidic fruit is also a diuretic meaning it’s good for people with urinary tract infections and high uric acid problems, such as those with arthritis or rheumatism.

Externally, lemons are often used as a natural lip balm, and healing balm for cuts, burns and abrasions on the skin.

When massaged gently into gums, lemon juice may also stop gum bleeding, and it has often been known for its ability to prevent or stop nosebleeds when they occur.

On a spiritual side, lemons have been known for their aromatic and relaxing energies, and when it comes to unwinding or meditating, they can be great to achieve total body relaxation.

In short, there are not many things lemons cannot do!


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