The costs of organic food

With so many people making it clear that they want the option of buying organic food, the mainstream has responded and now plenty of supermarkets have some kind of organic selection available.

There is evidence to suggest that organic fruit and vegetables have a higher amount of concentrated vitamins and minerals, and could also have a greater level of antioxidants.

But the biggest deterrent for people considering switching to organic food is the serious hike in costs.

There are a couple of reasons why organic food can often be two or three times more expensive than its standard counterpart.

The first is that a slower and more intensive growing and preparation process is often needed. The commitment to free-range and the decision not to use chemicals in the food means more expensive growing and procedural costs.

The second reason for higher prices is that supermarkets can often market the food as ‘boutique’, because of the supposed enhanced health effects of organic food.

As such, it is always better to try to source organic food from markets or dedicated health food shops than from supermarkets.

As you try to find organic food for the right price, make sure you are also checking that the food is ‘certified organic’, and is not just hiding under an organic label.

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