Salad Sandwich

NOTHING beats a nice salad sandwich or burger for lunch.

Sandwiches are healthy – of course depending on the ingredients – but if used with salads and meats, can help revitalise you for the rest of the day.

The list of things to put in a salad sandwich can be endless but some of the things include the basic – lettuce, tomato, cheese, cucumber, egg, capsicum, spinach, avocado, beetroot or onions.

You can also add a mayonaise or a sauce to go on top of this to add extra flavour and moisture.

There are many types of bread that you can use to make a sandwich and that decision may in turn determine how healthy your sandwich really is.

There’s breads such as multigrain or soy which are great for you because they contain nutritious seeds. There’s of course plain white. There’s wholemeal which is another great one and which is probably the best for you out of all of them because it contains great nutrients.

There’s also salad rolls with sesame seeds which are also delicious.

When making a salad sandwich it is good to put the ingredients which you love the most on the bottom of the two slices of bread because those ingredients will be the most tasted in the sandwich.

Sandwiches are great to take to work for lunch; they are also great to take anywhere really because they are compact and can be just put a lunch box for the day.

Toasted sandwiches are also brilliant for winter to warm up the stomach. Perhaps the classic sandwich is the cheese and tomato toasted sandwich or the cheese, tomato and ham toasted sandwich.

McDonalds has recently launched these two options in its McCafe range.

So what’s for lunch today – and even tomorrow?

Maybe it’s the salad sandwich that will provide you with great nutrients and fulfil your appetite.

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