The benefits of Zinc

Each cell in the body contains a vital mineral called Zinc. Zinc is usually found in the body’s strong muscles and stored in high amounts in the red and white blood cells, liver, bones, pancreas, kidneys, skin and retina of the eye. In men, the semen and prostate gland comprises large quantities of Zinc. Adding all of them, there is approximately 2-3 grams of Zinc found in a normal and healthy human body.

People usually think of food and supplements as the primary sources of Zinc. But less to one’s knowledge is that, some organs in the body are producing a certain amount of Zinc. Like the pancreas, prostate gland, salivary gland and the cells in the immune system. Unfortunately, there are some conditions that may alter the amount of Zinc in the body that may lead to a deficiency. And sadly, many people tend to neglect the importance of this mineral for a healthy body.

Zinc functions to promote biochemical reactions in the body through stimulating about 100 enzymes. It is important for the development of the sperm and is required during ovulation and fertilization. Zinc also plays a significant role in DNA synthesis. It is also needed in the maintenance of a healthy immune system and consequently for timely wound healing. Growth and development during pregnancy, childhood and adolescence are being supported by Zinc.

Apart from its usual functions in the body, there are several health benefits that you can get from Zinc. It promotes proper digestion and energy metabolism; controls diabetes and acne formation; improves stress levels; used for hair care, eczema, weight loss; as management for night blindness, cold, eye care and appetite loss. Zinc handles all of these things to keep the self and body function normally.

Additionally, here are some other essential health benefits that one can gain from Zinc:

1. Protection from infection by boosting one’s immune system. Fungal infections and other infectious disorders like conjunctivitis and pneumonia are combated when given the right amount of Zinc in the body.

2. Antioxidant effects

3. Prostate Cancer prevention since zinc plays a vital role in the prevention of early prostate damages.

4. Alopecia both in adults and children are treated with a diet high in Zinc. Taking in medicines rich in zinc can also help prevent further hair loss.

5. Avoids bone loss by making the bone matrix strong and hard.

Indeed, Zinc is a super mineral and it is essential that one must maintain an adequate amount of Zinc in the body to stay healthy and at your best!

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