The smoothie revolution: who makes the best smoothies in OZ?

Smoothies, or blended fruit and vegetables started to surface in supermarkets in the 1960’s. Through the years, makers of smoothies have improvised on the taste by adding ‘stuff’ to make them more appealing to the taste buds of health conscious consumers. This made the smoothie making industry quite competitive and unfortunately some of the makers have overlooked the nutritional value of the beverage. So for you to get the best out of the smoothie, let us narrow down our options to the best makers of smoothie in Oz.

1. Yogen Fruz- After more than 23 years in the making, this successful operator have opened franchises and outlets to different parts of the world, serving top-quality and deliciously made yogurts and smoothies.

2. Berry Bliss- located on Donscaster Road, this smoothie maker is rated to be one of the best in Australia. From their array of fruits and sweets toppings, this store knows how to give their customers healthy brunch/snacks good for the summer or even in a cold weather.

3. Boost Juice Bars- This smoothie maker serves smoothie in an entirely unique way! They call it Smoothie on a Stick. 97% fat-free, 100% delicious! The smoothie on a stick is a combination of creamy frozen yogurt and real fruit. You can choose from their many great flavors

4. Re-Juice- Re-Juice is a better option to choose compared to the other stores in Docklands that serve average food. Re-Juice also have great smoothie recipes, for example their Banana Smoothie, that will surely make you want to ask for more.

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